What is “Good” Credit?

What is considered “good” credit? To help you better understand credit and your credit score, we’re hosting a four part, blog series. Part three: What is “Good” Credit? When borrowers are said to have good credit, it means they’re considered low lending risks and are likely to pay debts on time. Credit scores are a measure […]



Credit Scores

What is your credit score? To help you better understand credit and your credit score, we’re hosting a four part, blog series. Part two: Credit Scores You’ve probably heard about the importance of finding out your credit score, but rarely do you get an explanation of what that number means. As companies you deal with […]

A Credit Overview

What is credit? To help you better understand credit and your credit score, we’re hosting a four part, blog series. Part one: A Credit Overview It’s hard to turn on the television without hearing something about credit. But what exactly is credit, and why does it matter? Credit is a measure of whether you can […]


Lessons in Financial Stability

Staff from DOCO Credit Union gave a few helpful tips on finance management to seniors at Albany High School Thursday morning. This is part of a plan to help all seniors in the Dougherty County School System understand the importance of money management and keeping a good credit score. Since the students are graduating and […]

Money Smart Week

We’re observing Money Smart Week by partnering with GreenPath® to bring you a week of educational & free webinars! Please take advantage of these webinars; because we’re all looking for ways to save more money. 10 Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars in 2015 | Monday, April 20th at 12:00 PM, click here to sign-up for […]



Teach Your Children Financial Independence

Are your kids on the right track to financial independence? For many of today’s young adults, the weakest link lies in learning the basics. According to a 2014 survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Junior Achievement USA (2014 Teens and Personal Finance Survey), 40% of teens do not have a savings account, checking […]

Grab Your Crayons!

Grab your crayons and download this coloring sheet for National Credit Union Youth Month. Bring it into your local DOCO branch and we’ll proudly display your art work! Click here: Coloring Sheet 01 to download the printable.

Youth Month Coloring Pages.indd


Monkey See, Monkey Do

We’d be “lion” if we said saving was easy. Teach children how to save for their goals and they’ll have one of the most difficult aspects of finance under their belt by the time they’re teens—being consistent savers. Here are a few ideas to help your cubs get Wild About Saving: * Have young children—preschool […]

Help Us Celebrate Youth Week!

Visit DOCO Credit Union during the month of April 2015 and help us celebrate National Credit Union Youth Month™. DOCO will show youth and teens how to get wild about saving at their credit union. Stop by our lobbies for: $5 membership fees waived (for youth ages 0 – 18 years old) cool drinks and beverages […]


Sharpen Your Savings Skills

Learning to save money takes practice. By saving, you can spend money on what’s important to you—whether that’s a new video game, a trip to the movies, a used car, or even a college education. Let’s get started: Elementary school: • Ask your parents to help you open your own savings account at the credit […]