Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Criminals are constantly finding new ways to access and steal financial resources. While DOCO Credit Union uses cutting-edge technology to protect your accounts, you are also on the defensive front line. Scammers may reach out to you directly, seeking your personal data.

Please Note: DOCO Credit Union representatives will never ask for your PIN. We also will never reach out to you over the phone or via email to request sensitive information, such as your Social Security or account numbers.

It’s important to stay on guard and education is one of the most powerful tools you can wield against these attacks. There are several common types of fraud, including online, email, mobile, and phone fraud.

Important Security Information

Do not offer personal or confidential information via unsecured email or over the telephone. Remember, DOCO Credit Union will never contact you and ask for your account number or PIN over the phone, via email, or by any other channel.

Reporting Fraud

If you suspect fraud, you may also contact us:

  • 1(800) 227-9180 or click here for your local number
  • By visiting your local branch
  • Forward suspicious email to

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen debit or credit card(s), please call 1(800) 227-9180 or the number on the back of your card.

Be prepared to provide:

  • Your name
  • Which card was lost/stolen
  • Date lost
  • Date last used
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • State or country where lost
  • If PIN was compromised