5 Ideas for an Inexpensive Family Vacation

Summer is in full swing and if you haven’t taken a vacation already, you’re probably dreaming of one. A dilemma most of us face is planning a summer vacation that doesn’t break the bank. After all, we all want the same thing: a getaway that’s memorable. Well we’re here to provide you with 5 ideas for an inexpensive, family vacation.


1. Visit water parks.

Water parks are relatively inexpensive and because Georgia (and most states) have several, you can make a day trip. That eliminates the cost of overnight expenses and still provides a unique activity for the family. Plus, as a DOCO Credit Union member, you receive discount ticket prices to both White Water Over Georgia and Wild Adventures.

2. Family cruises.

Some people may think of cruises as extravagant vacations, but most are affordable and all inclusive, which is a great option for families – especially those with lots of kids. Meals are usually included and there are plenty of entertainment options for children and adults.

3. Visit family and/or friends.

This obviously isn’t worth the money saved if you crash with family or friends you or your family members don’t get along with, but it could be a great way to enjoy the company of those you may not see very often, while saving money. Your hosts may serve as great tour guides too!

4. Camping.

Camping is a great way to have fun enjoying nature. At most camp sites, there are family friendly activities and plenty of wildlife. There are numerous campsites across the country that would make great vacation spots!

5. Beaches.

Obviously the beach is a hotspot for summer vacations, but the room rate prices drop significantly mid-August. Although this could be a difficult bargain to snag with school-age children (because we don’t encourage playing hooky!), this is a great time to visit beaches with younger children.

What are some of your most affordable vacation locations and attractions?