Youth Get Wild About Saving in April

This April, youth can take a walk on the wild side at the credit union. Whether they’ve been to the jungle or not, the call of the wild is enticing to youth of all ages. This year, they can check out the credit union’s financial menagerie without a trip to the banking zoo.


During the month of April, youth will have the opportunity to go on safari at the credit union as DOCO Credit Union celebrates National Credit Union Youth Month™. This year’s theme, “Wild About Saving™,” encourages youth to use resources available at the credit union to help them cut their way through the jungle of financial responsibility. Before long, they’ll be leading their own savings safari.

So stop by DOCO Credit Union and get in on the action at our Youth Month events:

  • $5 membership fees waived (for youth ages 0 – 18 years old)
  • cool drinks and beverages in the lobbies (on select days)
  • free coloring sheets
  • educational blogs
  • a chance to get a monkey bank by sharing photos of your monkeys learning about money!

Bring your zoologists into DOCO, and get them wild about saving!