Vacation Club

Have you heard about our Vacation Club accounts? Well let us tell you, they are pretty great – especially with helping you save for your dream vacation. With no minimum balance, no minimum deposit, an option for jointly owned accounts, and one anytime withdrawal per term, you really can’t say no! Did we mention your club account earns a competitive dividend rate? That’s right, another perk!

With the Vacation Club, savings terms begin May 1st and end April 30th of each year. (You can begin this savings club at any point throughout the year.) Meaning, that come April 30th – all of your hard earned and well saved money, plus your dividends earned, are directly deposited into your checking or savings account! This year, 232 members received their Vacation Club savings on April 30th. With a total of $122,569.54, it’s safe to say that we had some very excited members!


Now the question is, will you be signing up for a Vacation Club account today?