Catch the Save Wave!

Kowabunga! This month youth will be riding the save wave into the credit union. Whether they’ve surfed or not, youth love digging their toes in the sand, playing with beach balls, and jumping in the waves. During the week of April 20th – 26th, kids will have the opportunity to feel like they’re at the beach when visiting their credit union as they get tips on how to surf and save.


Like surfers, young savers need tools and techniques to improve their skills. And we’re here to help youth start on the path to healthy savings habits. During the week of April 20th – 26th, DOCO Credit Union will celebrate National Credit Union Youth Week™. This year’s theme, “Catch the $ave Wave™,” highlights tips and resources available at the credit union to boost good habits and “hang ten” on the save wave. Through lots of practice, young surfer savers will learn the secret of riding a gnarly wave that will help them achieve big-time savings.

So stop by your local, DOCO Credit Union branch and get in on the action at our Youth Week events and promotions:

  • waived $5 membership fee for youth
  • educational blog posts
  • coloring sheets & crayons
  • plus, treats in our lobbies!

Bring your saving surfers into the credit union, and we’ll show them how to grab some air and carve through the save wave.