Exceeded Goal of Saving Members $1,000,000

We understand the financial pinch our member’s face daily.  So we initiated a program called Sit-to-$ave back in April of 2013, which you may have participated. With this program, we set a goal to save our members $1,000,000! The program was so successful that we exceeded our goal and helped 250+ people.  Through Sit-to-$ave, members were invited to sit, bring in their non-DOCO loans, and see if those loans could be refinanced at a lower interest rate, thus saving money. If we couldn’t save the member money, they would receive $25 for their time.  One member consolidated three high interest loans, saving $296.00 a month, which resulted in a savings of $10,656 over the life of the loan.  That’s just one success story!


We are committed to educating our members on making good spending choices and helping you focus on saving money.  Lowering interest rates and offering affordable terms go a long way towards saving money.  Since 1959, we have been serving southwest and north Georgia regions and “Helping People Afford Life.”

Were you a participant of our Sit-to-$ave initiative? If so, how much were we able to help you save? We’d love to hear your story! If not, find out how you can save on your loan today by clicking here or stop by your local DOCO Credit Union branch!