Tips to Avoid Identity Theft and Protect Your Financial Information

As a financial institution looking out for our members, we wanted to provide a few simple tips to help protect your personal, financial, and identifiable information, along with advice on avoiding identity theft.

  • Never share personal, financial, or identifiable information via unfamiliar text, email, websites, phone calls, or social networks. DOCO Credit Union will not call, email, or text our members requesting account information or social security numbers.
  • Monitor your financial accounts. With online banking, DOCO makes this tip an easy one. By checking your account activity regularly, you will notice suspicious activity sooner.
  • Opt for paperless account statements and bills – often fraudulent activity is a result of mail theft. Click here for more information on DOCO Credit Union‘s account services, which include free e-statements and bill pay.
  • Guard your social security number and be sure not to give it out freely. The same goes for your home address and birthday!
  • Be sure to shred all documents that contain personal, financial, or identifiable information before deeming garbage.
  • Check with your financial institution often, to be aware of phishing attempts and scams. As a member of DOCO Credit Union, we advise you to check our website, e-statements, and social media sites such as Facebook for phishing scam warnings. You can find us on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Along with the tips listed above, we advise you to check with your financial institution to ensure your financial information is protected. By partnering with a credit union, such as DOCO Credit Union – you are on your way to protecting yourself from fraud!

For more tips on protecting your financial information and avoiding identity theft, be sure to click here.