Back to School

It’s that time of year, back to school. For some this may be an exciting time, for some it may be dreaded, for some it’s the first day of elementary school, for some it’s the first day of college… whatever the case may be, we are here with tips, budgets, check lists, and more!

Parents, you may be brainstorming a gift for your child’s very special teacher or favors for a back to school party. If so, we’ve got several gift ideas for teachers and your child’s classmates. On a budget, we’ve got tips for savings on healthy meals and snacks too!

Heading off to college, we’ve got ideas for you too! Including tips to creating a budget, with helpful hints for dining and decorating your new dorm on a budget. So you don’t forget anything, we’ve got a check list for moving into a college dormitory. Dreading some difficult college courses, fear not – we’ve got study tips too!

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