DOCO’s President Discusses Innovative Programs

Profile Magazine featured an article titled, “Lending a Helping Hand.” In this article, DOCO Credit Union‘s President, Barry Heape discusses innovative programs to benefit customers. Below is an excerpt from the article,

Credit unions are designed by the people for the people, and DOCO Regional Federal Credit Union is no exception. While it offers standard financial instruments such as checking and savings accounts as well as mortgages and auto loans, its primary mission is to improve members’ financial well-being and help the less fortunate. Started in 1959 and run by an all-volunteer board, the Georgia-based company helps the underserved with starter products and low-rate loans that provide opportunities they might not receive elsewhere and is dedicated to financial education and giving back.Profile sat down with Barry Heape, president and CEO, to learn more about what has made this regional icon a success for 53 years. Read more.

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