Sharpen Your Savings Skills

Learning to save money takes practice. By saving, you can spend money on what’s important to you—whether that’s a new video game, a trip to the movies, a used car, or even a college education. Let’s get started: Elementary school: • Ask your parents to help you open your own savings account at the credit […]


Youth Get Wild About Saving in April

This April, youth can take a walk on the wild side at the credit union. Whether they’ve been to the jungle or not, the call of the wild is enticing to youth of all ages. This year, they can check out the credit union’s financial menagerie without a trip to the banking zoo. During the […]

$4,500 in College Scholarships

We all have dreams. Whether it’s buying our first house, or saving for college, or starting our own business. But dreams never become reality by themselves. At DOCO Credit Union, we want to help you. Which is why we are awarding $4,500 in college scholarships. That is three, $1,500 scholarships to three deserving high school […]



Taxes Done Right

With TurboTax® and DOCO Credit Union, it’s easy to do your own taxes. TurboTax® coaches you every step of the way to the biggest refund you deserve. All you need to know is yourself. TurboTax translates taxes into simple questions about your life and puts everything on the right forms for you. Double checks as […]

Best & Worst States for Credit (Find Out Which List Georgia Makes)

How is the economy doing? It depends on where you look. In some states, people are practically choking on credit problems, while in others, serious financial difficulties are relatively rare. For example, more than 1 out of every 500 homes in Florida is in foreclosure, while foreclosures are virtually unheard of in North Dakota. Similar differences […]



Across the Land

We had a special visitor stop by our main branch yesterday. Georgia native, Jack Fussell stopped by to share about his journey “Across the Land” which will total 3,660 miles. Inspired by his family members effected by the disease, Mr. Fussell is biking and jogging across America to help raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. (Pictured left […]

Ways to Save

We are always trying to help our members save money, which is why we are sharing this Ways to Save series. Today’s tip, let the crockpot do the cooking. Crockpots make preparing for dinner simple. So whenever you get home from work and dinner is already prepared, you will be less likely to order take […]



Ways to Save

When looking for ways to save, sometimes you must be creative. In our Ways to Save series, we are sharing some bazaar and original ideas on ways for you to save money. You may not have considered modeling before, however if you want a great bargain on a haircut, now may be the time to […]

10 Things We Pay Too Much For (And How To Spend Less)

With the average nuptials costing $25,200, we can probably all agree that plenty of people are overpaying for their wedding day. However, if you’re trying to live within your means, having a budget wedding only gets you so far. After all, you’re only going to get married once, or at least you hope so. Instead, you need to […]



Financial Football

Are you familiar with Financial Football? It’s a new app brought to you by VISA® and the NFL® to help teach financial concepts through an interactive game. This fast-paced game is designed to engage students, while educating them on money management skills. Not only is this app fun and educational, it’s free!   Try it […]